We offer many classes such as Pole, Zumba ,Twerk,Line, Yoga, Foundations,Heels, Burlesque, Chair & more!!!!

In addition to building strength and cardio, pole dancing also provides other benefits such as increasing your flexibility, grace, and balance. Our Pole Classes have varying degrees of difficulty, and our leveled classes are designed to follow a curriculum that builds your pole skills over time, paying special attention to safety and proper technique. All classes are designed to develop your fitness, and to help you feel sexier, more confident, and in-tune with your body and the way it moves. All Pole Classes are 1-hour long.

PLEASE NOTE: Pole classes must be RESERVED in advance by calling or emailing our Studio or signing up in person. We require a 4-hour notice to cancel a reservation without charge. A $25 fee will be charged if you no-show a class. Instructor approval is required to advance to any leveled class beyond Poles 1. **(Due to Coronavirus Precautions: The Cancellation Fee for Pole Classes will be suspended for reasons of illness until further notice. Please call us ASAP if you need to cancel your reservation.)**

Dress for Success: Each class may have  clothing requirements, but we generally recommend the following: shorts and tank-tops or short sleeve shirts; bare feet or heels with straps; knee pads or knee sleeves. For Every Pole Class: DO NOT wear any rings, bracelets, lotion, or body oils.